Summer is coming and bringing with it all the heat and humidity for which Coastal Georgia is known. To ensure your home is ready to be a haven not only from the heat, but also the allergens, take advantage of the one-call solution to clean your air ducts with Restoration 1 of Coastal Georgia and Coastal Jacksonville.

If you haven’t thought about cleaning your HVAC ducts, you should. Have you ever walked into a long-empty building and seen the buildup of dust and dirt that accumulates on everything? Now think about the last time your air ducts were cleaned. It’s likely they never have been, meaning they’ve been accumulating debris, dust, and dirt since they were installed, just like that empty building. If your home is 20 years old and you’ve never cleaned your ducts, you are living with 20 years of accumulation.

That accumulation leads to two main problems. The first is inefficiency. When enough dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair collect, they can restrict the flow of air through your HVAC system. Restriction means your air conditioning must work harder to keep your home or business cool. That leads to higher energy bills. With ever-rising utility prices, can you afford to keep overworking your air conditioning unit just to keep you and your family from melting in the summer heat?

Thankfully, Restoration 1, the premier restoration services provider in Coastal Georgia and Coastal Jacksonville, has the expertise and the tools to clear the debris, dust, and dirt, and get your HVAC system running at its most efficient so you stay cool and save money.

With dirty air ducts, you, your family, and your co-workers are also exposed to an increased level of dust and allergens floating in the air you’re breathing. Every time the AC runs, it is pushing all those allergens and all that dust, pet hair, and dirt through the vents and into your lungs. The cleaner the air ducts in your home or business, the cleaner the air you are breathing.

Restoration 1 of Coastal Georgia and Coastal Jacksonville employs professionally trained technicians certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification, the highest recognition in the industry. They have the tools, expertise, and experience to make your home or business efficient and healthy. When you call Restoration 1, we provide a free consultation and answer any questions you may have about the process to ease your air-duct concerns. We service jobs of all sizes, residential, commercial and industrial, and always explain your options so you know what to expect when our technicians arrive.

The quality of the air you breathe is important. That’s why we also offer mold remediation and removal services. The summer heat and humidity in Coastal Georgia and Jacksonville can make that small problem you’ve been putting off become a big problem. Restoration 1 of Coastal Georgia and Coastal Jacksonville will remove mold caused by water damage or other issues and mitigate the source of the problem to ensure your home or business stays safe and comfortable.

Restoration 1 is the one-call solution for all your property restoration needs. When you want to breathe cleaner air, or after the flood, fire, or storm, call Restoration 1 to get your property back to normal

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