Late summer and early fall in Coastal Georgia mean one thing – it’s hurricane season. While it may seem sometimes like we are lucky enough to live in a place storms spare more than they hit, the last several years have proven we are not immune. Hurricanes Matthew and Irma as well as numerous tropical storms left a trail of damage and displaced families and businesses. As this storm season progresses, it’s important to remember that being proactive is the first step to mitigating the impacts of the next big one.


Whether for your family or for your business, it’s paramount to have an emergency plan in place before the tropics start swirling.

Businesses have many assets to consider before the storm. Staff, equipment, and facilities are all key pieces to keeping a business operating. All of them are potential victims of hurricanes. To ensure the fastest recovery and to minimize a storm’s impact, consider putting together a comprehensive emergency plan for your business. The plan should lay out a clear chain of command and delineate who will perform which emergency functions, including evacuation procedures and routes and how to protect valuable equipment and facilities. A plan will keep your team working safely under pressure and can prevent unnecessary damage to valuable assets.

Families should have an emergency kit ready for every storm season. That includes supplies, medication, evacuation plans, meeting places, emergency contact information and anything else essential for family survival. At home, pack what valuables and sentimental items you can and heed the warnings and orders from public safety officials to evacuate. Your and your loved ones’ lives are the most precious asset for every family.


Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, or both, your home or building is likely one of the most significant investments you have. Don’t be caught unprepared. There are several things we recommend you take care of before the storm and before you evacuate.

  • Storm-proof your properties – Repairing roofs, anchoring gutters, strengthening doors and windows, ensuring adequate drainage, and other improvements will increase chances your home or business survives with minimal impacts.
  • Move what matters – Ensure critical equipment, systems, and valuable belongings can be moved in an emergency if they cannot be stored on higher ground. Flooding is always a possibility when a hurricane hits.
  • Protect your information – Ensure you have backups of essential data and important family documents and reallocate inventory and equipment where necessary. Some information simply can’t be replaced, so backup what you can and protect everything else to facilitate a speedier recovery after the storm.
  • Prepare your family/staff – Educate and train your staff and family about the emergency plan. Discuss with them how the plan works, how you see it playing out and walk through response drills to understand how the plan will work.
  • Check your insurance – Review your insurance policies and be aware of what is covered and what is not. Flood insurance, for example, is separate from regular property insurance. Discuss the options and what works best for your business or family with your insurance agent before storm season.

These steps are especially important during hurricane season, but tropical weather is not the only threat in Coastal Georgia. These same steps will help in the event of a tornado, hailstorm, lightning damage, or flooding not caused by a hurricane or tropical storm.

If the worst happens and you are impacted by the next big storm, the good news is Restoration 1 is here for you. The first and most important step following the damage is to contact us, your restoration professionals, so that we can assess the situation and act swiftly to get your home or business back to its previous state.

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