Atlantic hurricane season started June 1 and will last through the end of October. It’s an annual event and something for which you can never be too prepared. At Restoration 1 of Coastal Georgia and Coastal Jacksonville, we’re here to help you put things back together in the aftermath of a storm. We take care of water damage from floods, structural damage from falling trees, limbs, or debris, and remove and prevent mold produced by the moist conditions hurricane season produces. As the premier restoration services provider in Coastal Georgia and Coastal Jacksonville, we are just a call away and are always ready for any disaster.

But before you find yourself in a situation that requires a call to Restoration 1, there are a few things you can do to help protect your family and business from unnecessary losses. We have all the tools, training, and expertise to get your property back in order as if the storm never happened, but we can’t replace priceless items like family heirlooms or cherished sentimental pieces your family and business worked so hard for. When hurricane season begins each year, take stock of irreplaceable items that can’t truly be replaced by insurance or by our talented team and move them to a safe place. Take them with you if you can during an evacuation or keep them in a waterproof container or cabinet. Floors, walls and ceilings can be replaced. Family and business memories cannot.

Also take stock of the condition of your home or business. Remove loose branches from trees and clear gutters and downspouts so that when the torrential rains from a tropical storm or hurricane strike your property, there is less of a chance of flooding. Damage can also be caused by unsecured outdoor items like patio furniture. Before the storm, move them inside or secure them tightly to prevent them from becoming a missile when hurricane-force winds strike.

Property protection is important in the event of a storm, but ensuring the safety of your family or employees is even more important. Buildings can be replaced, a life can’t. We suggest keeping a well-stocked hurricane kit with emergency supplies like batteries, flashlights, medications you may require, non-perishable foods, and anything you can think of that your family may need to survive a week without power or on the road during an evacuation. Consider your pets as well. Have a clear evacuation plan and ensure everyone necessary is aware of it, so no one is left behind.

Doing these things will prepare your family or business for the worst and keep everyone safe. If your property does experience damage from a storm, remember this phone number – 1-912-325-9131. That calls us at Restoration 1 of Coastal Georgia and Coastal Jacksonville. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are ready to respond when you need us. We are experienced restoration experts who are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification and who specialize in getting your property back to normal as quickly as possible.

Whether its after a storm, flood or fire, or to help with restoring your aging home or building, call Restoration 1 of Coastal Georgia and Coastal Jacksonville today.

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